A quote can be provided remotely most of the time for the first stages – survey, sketch schemes & planning submission. In order to do so, we will generally ask for any current details you may have, such the site address, existing plans and photos.


A detailed survey is the first step for any project. Any error can cause an effect later on in the works, so it is very important to get this right form the start. The site will be thoroughly measured and all services indicated. Observations of the neighbouring buildings and street is important too as any proposed works must not have too great an impact on them.


The best method to gauge the client requirement is via a sketch scheme. We will provide all necessary plans and sketches in order to convey our ideas to the client. We will also take the clients wishes and best advise on what does and does not work through drawing. The sketch scheme will generally depict the layout of the space required, and the flow of space, and usage.


If required, we will then commence to prepare planning set of drawings.

Sometimes it is possible to build within permitted development rights and therefore reducing the lead time to commence with the works, and save on costs.

However, generally you will be able to gain more space from a planning application, and therefore add more value.

The planning drawings will consist of a precise set of plans, elevations and sections, as well as a site plan. Other documents may be required for a submission such as a design and access statement or possibly a tree report, or flood risk assessment.

Most planning applications focus on the exterior of a property, so the overall form and external materials / finishes will be carefully considered.


A further quote will be issued to take the project through to the detailed stage. Once agreed, a detailed set of drawings will be produced including everything required to build from, and generate a price. Additionally a schedule of works describing each item at each stage will be priced against. Other schedules will be required, such as for sanitary ware, windows / doors, fixtures & fittings, finishes etc. Specifications will be listed within these schedules. An engineer must be appointed in order to provide a suitable structure to the scheme. On simpler schemes, this can be done at the planning stage. Once information received, this will be inserted into the detailed pack.

Other designs may be required such as bespoke Joinery drawings which can be included. We take pride in our detailing skills and insist on providing a high level of detail which will be reflected in the end result.

We are also happy to be involved with any interior design aspect which can be dealt with at this stage or during construction. Mood boards are the best way to get a feel for a non-live project. Materials, paints, fixtures can be put together to give you the best interpretation of what it will be like.


The key to a successful project is to agree the right price by allowing a sufficient budget, and to build to a set programme. We will put together a quotation based on the specifications as agreed within the detailed set. We will also get quotations for a builder and any other required trades.

There may be other items to deal with at this stage, such as Party wall issues. If the neighbour does not consent to a party wall agreement, we will need to appoint a party wall surveyor to progress with gaining a party wall award.

A programme of works will be set out which will set out how long each stage will take and inform as to when all orders must be placed in order to get materials on site at the right times. This takes some careful planning and much consultation with each trade, but is essential for a successful project.

Once the quote is agreed, it is time to set up a contract which will usually be a JCT though we are happy to use other types. A payment schedule will be included within this contract. A deposit will be required to commence with the construction phase.


The local authority will be informed of the works, including building control and all neighbours will be informed as necessary -Then we may commence with the works. Weekly or fortnightly meetings will be held with the client to discuss progress. A site manager will be appointed to your project and will keep you informed of any ongoing works as necessary. At the end of the construction, we will inspect the works ourselves to make sure everything is to a high standard. Once we are satisfied we will hand over for completion.

Our most important goal is to finish with a happy client on time and on budget. We will do everything in our power to make this a reality.


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